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Kusum Sarovar pastimes of Srimati Radharani & Lord Krishna

It is believed that Radharani used to come to this place to collect flowers, and thus, the name comes – Kusum, which stands for flowers and Sarovar for the pond.

One day Shree Radha Rani was plucking flowers in Kusum Garden with her companions. Lord Shyamsundar being disguised in the form of gardener utter a shout from a distance, “who are you people to pluck flowers?”

All of the associates upon getting frightened ran away here and there and stood at a place. Shree Radha’s divine blue cloth got stuck in the garden bush, couldn’t run away. One/ two flowers fell down from her hand at hurry. 


Meanwhile, shyamsundar as gardener came in front of her. He freed her blue-cloth from the bush. Shyamsundar picked up the flowers fallen on earth by Radha. At that time Radha rani noticed the flute tucked into his dhoti and recognized Him as Krishna. She was angry with Krishna for frightening all of them.

Shree Radha told : ”The ground fallen flowers are not fit for worshipping, what is the use of these? Shree Shyamsundar brought the yamuna water to that very place and washed all these flowers with the pond water and told oh sweet heart! now these flowers became pious. Later, Shree Krishna put these flowers in her hair braid/bun. From this time, this pond got famous in the name of ‘Kusum Sarovar’.

Kusum Sarovar is approximately 2 km distance from Radha Kund and is located in Govardhan, Mathura, India.

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